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Hello, I'm Aleta

Hi, my name is Aleta Sira Ras.
I have been a psychic for over 40 years.

Do you have questions about your life that you feel need answers? Are you experiencing a chaotic time and need some clarity to help ease your mind? Maybe you are looking for the transformational powers of crystals to help redirect the energy that surrounds you? Interested to see what your life seal can reveal about your purpose?

I would be more than happy to explore all of these questions with you, and more.

Schedule an appointment with me so you can gain insight about your life and yourself that can help make for a clearer perspective. Browse my hand-crafted jewelry collection to find the perfect gems and stones to bring a sense of balance to your world. Come have your life seal portrait realized and see what your life energy says about you!

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Testimonials from People Like You

  • Like anyone, before scheduling my appointment with Aleta for my Psychic Tarot Card Reading, I was apprenhensive. Aleta made me feel comfortable and brought somethings to light in my life that I had no idea was impacting me so much! I have been going to see Aleta whenever I have questions about life and feel uneasy. It makes me feel better about the way I am making choices in life.

    Felicity Rains Professional Photographer
  • I have always been interested in artwork and learning about the psychic world! It all is so fascinating to me! When I learned about Life Seal Paintings I knew I wanted to have mine done to display in my home. I found Aleta through a friend and Aleta was wonderful during the whole process. Now I have a beautiful piece of artwork that I can reflect and mediate on, as well as share my experience with friends and family.

    Jen Armstrong World Traveler

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